Welcome to MetaVenus, a digital art photographic exhibition that brings you beyond the confines of time.

Step into a world where the enigmatic allure of Venus is reimagined in a provocative and contemporary light. As you embark on this artistic journey, we invite you to explore the essence of balance and harmony from a modern perspective. Deep dive into the perception of female beauty.

Our chosen title, MetaVenus, encapsulates the exhibition’s agile exploration of digital art infused with the human dimension, preserving the poetic essence of photography.

Curated by the dynamic duo, Luca Michetti and Eliade Colognese, founders of MyP Studio, this exhibition blends their distinct yet harmonious creative sensibilities. From photographers to editors, set designers to directors, they have seamlessly navigated diverse roles, deepening their passion for storytelling and their affinity for beauty culture.

MetaVenus offers itself up for myriad interpretations. It unfolds as a sequence of evolving images, shifting into an abstract work that synthesizes all that precedes it, embodying an everlasting artistic transformation. Like an endless film, it can be paused or resumed at any point without leaving the story incomplete.

For those seeking structure, the sequences weave together seamlessly, while for those desiring a more free-spirited, almost anarchic experience, each image stands alone.

Eliade and Luca have reimagined the exhibition’s layout, suspending artworks as though inviting them to dance within the space. This mirrors the free interpretations visitors may breathe into the exhibition.

Reality serves as a stimulating starting point, leading to exploration, and the digital element acts as a gateway to limitless worlds.

As you engage with the artworks, delve into your own emotions and biases, and take part in a dialogue about the complexities of human experience and the everlasting pursuit of beauty, even in the most challenging spaces.

Within MetaVenus, Venus occupies a space that feels simultaneously restrictive and liberating. The sensation of comfort within a space is an intricate interplay of psychological and aesthetic factors. These artworks meld movement, space, beauty and psychological depth to challenge conventional notions of beauty. They prompt us to question the essence of beauty, whether these female forms convey pleasure or discomfort, empowerment or vulnerability, and if digital art can retain its human and poetic essence.

At the heart of the exhibition, one artwork captures your attention. Initially, it’s the lady who claims the spotlight – an embodiment of refinement draped in a cascading long skirt that flows like liquid silk. This symphony of elegance evokes the world of high fashion with timeless allure.

However, as your gaze lingers, a juxtaposition unfolds before your eyes. This lady, the epitome of grace and opulence, stands among naked forms. The contrast is palpable, a visual dialogue between the adorned and the unadorned, the material and the raw essence of humanity.

Surrounded by an ethereal aura of radiant light, she seems almost otherworldly, as if plucked from a dream and placed upon this canvas. The luminous halo enveloping her speaks of more than just physical illumination; it’s a manifestation of the inner light within her soul.

This artwork exemplifies duality, a narrative of psychological depth and aesthetic contrast. It invites us to contemplate the intricate interplay between external appearances and inner essence, the allure of worldly riches, and the purity of the human spirit. It encourages us to consider the multifaceted nature of beauty – both visible and concealed.

She stands as a testament to the perpetual interplay between light and shadow, both in the realm of aesthetics and within the intricate depths of the human psyche.

This is a beauty that beckons for a more profound contemplative gaze beyond the pure aesthetics.