MYP Studio is an independent

creative and art direction studio for art-related ecosystems.

Being dynamic professionals means for us creating always new spaces and opportunities in the digital Art world with the setting up of MyP-Studio.

The core objective of the studio is to tell stories within creative and art direction through emotional communication and digital humanism.

The studio produces digital pieces of art whose artistic inspiration can transform into creative collaborations with the brands who share the same values and are sensitive to art.

Through its exclusive approach, the studio enjoys telling unique digital stories in which “My Project” (MYP) can become Yours and vice-versa.

The studio was founded in Italy by Luca Michetti, who straddles the line between art, luxury brands and contemporary furniture designs.

A long-standing commitment to experimenting with the latest digital art and cinematographic influences led

Luca Michetti to launch MYP studio which now operates in different sectors both nationally and internationally.